Sex Criminals #4 Review

sex-criminals-4-web-72Suzie and Jon, our two protagonists, have found themselves in quite the quandary when we left off last issue. Both caught red handed amidst a bank robbery by an unknown “sex police” force, it is obvious that the two are as bewildered as ever as to who these people are.

Matt Fraction’s style of having either one or the other of our protagonists narrate the book continues this issue. This time Suzie takes the lead devoting most of her time to describing why and how Jon and herself have resolved to using their mysterious time-stopping sex powers to rob banks in an effort to save a library from foreclosing. The plot points here are both funny and interesting as Fraction continues to find compelling reasons as to why we are growing to love these characters so much.

The bigger and more intriguing mystery here, however, is that mysterious sex police force that seems to have the same powers as Jon and Suzie. Who are they, how are they organized, and why do the even exist? What is at play here? Are Jon and Suzie’s powers part of a bigger thing ? These are all questions that I can’t wait to have answered as the story continues to unfold.

This is a great book that is definitely worth the read for the mature reader. And with multiple printings of the first few issues selling out, this is one hot book. Don’t miss out and start reading it now!

Score: 8.5

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