Superior Foes of Spider-Man #3 – They Got To That

Superior_Foes_of_Spider-Man_Vol_1_3_TextlessAll right, all right. They got to that. Just like I am loving the series so far, I loved issue #2. My only qualm with it was the fact that Fred Myer’s internal dialogue last issue kept on mentioning that they would get to the point about how Silvermane was involved in the story. Well, they sure did pull a fast one on me!

The story begins with an amusing “All right , all right, the head of Silvio Silvermane. Let’s go.”  Nick Spencer was specifically responding to my review and nothing else! All right, all right, he played me like a fool, and that’s ok.

This book is unabashedly over the top in both its quirkiness, and its willingness to pull from source material outside of its own. Where it tries to take on an air of comedy similar to Hawkeye head on, it works because it knows what it is doing. We even see a scene straight out of Fight Club where Fred Myers is smothered in some man-boobs during a group-help meeting. And rightfully so, it just goes ahead and says it, it is a scene right out of Fight Club. And yeah, those man-boobs are hippo man-boobs. Seriously, this book is pretty ridiculous, and in all the right ways.

As far as comedy goes, I didn’t have quite as many laugh out loud moments as I did the first two issues, but still the comedy was there. The first few pages in particular were pretty great. I loved the part where we see the head of Silverman attempt to dial a phone with his tongue, while the very next panel depicts said head with a knife in his mouth attempting to murder a little boy. Yep, ridiculous.

Again, one thing that I would count as a negative is the art. That’s not to say that the art is bad in any way. I think the style fits very well, in fact. It feels like I am watching a cartoon, which may be the point. I just think that there could be so much more depth if we had an inker on board as well.

That aside, this is a series that I really, really hope sticks around. The dialogue is clever and fun, and the story is great. There are only three issues in the series so far, so now is your chance to catch up on it before you dig yourself into a hole and miss out on one of the more surprisingly entertaining new titles this year.

Score: 8.3

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