Comic Reviews – 9-4-13

imagesBig week, huh? Here are my reviews:

The Star Wars #1 – 7.9

Batman 23.1 – 7.9

Trillium #2 – 9.4

Satellite Sam #3 – 8.4

Avengers A.I. #3 – 8.2

Infinity #2 – 8.2

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #3 – 8.3

Superior Spider-Man #17 – 6.8

X-Men Battle of the Atom #1 – 8.6

As you can see, tons of really good reviews abound. I didn’t write proper reviews for every book I read this week, so I’ll give my rundown.

Let’s start with Batman 23.1, which was pretty good. As a one-shot Joker story, I liked it. It was twisted, it was dark, and it was just wrong. Seeing how Joker was treated as a child by his aunt was pretty scary. However, with the Joker, I simply don’t desire too many details about his past, or his childhood for that matter. I like to maintain an air of mystery with him. Another thing about the book that was just weird was the whole gorilla angle. Joker raising a gorilla from childhood. That is a hard pill to swallow and warrants a face-palm in and of itself. Ultimately, it was a good read. And that 3D cover is pretty snazzy.

Next, The Star Wars. This was actually a really cool read. This book may not be up too many people’s alley, though. Really, you have to come into it without any preconceptions. Just don’t begin to read it thinking that it is a Star Wars book. Rather, you need to come in and kind of disassociate Star Wars altogether and read it as a standalone story outside of the Star Wars universe. With that in mind, I would highly recommend it. The art was great and the story is really interesting.

Moving on, I want to talk about X-Men: Battle of the Atom. This is actually really, really good. If you have been following any of Bendis’ work in the X titles, you know what you are in for. Yes, yes, we all know that this is another Bendis time travel, space-time story, but hey, it reads very well and its fun.  I am going all in and picking up each book in the event. I like it that much. X-fan? Yes? Then get it and enjoy.

Now here is a category that I wish I didn’t have, biggest disappointment. Oh boy, was I disappointed with what I read in this month’s Superior Spider-Man. It simply wasn’t on par with either Slott or Stegman’s work. I wanted so much more out of this issue and didn’t get it. I like where the story is going, I just thought that the execution simply wasn’t there.

And here is a new category: biggest comeback. Avengers A.I. #3 was great. Where last month’s issue was not really good, this month’s was great. The art is great and the story has made a turn for the better. The whole Vision/New A.I. species dynamic is interesting. I’ll admit, issue number two made me want to give up the series, I didn’t enjoy it. This issue changed my mind. I’m glad I stuck around.

Next is Satellite Sam #3. What a great series this is. I love it. It fills a void in my reading that scratches the “mature” itch. Matt Fraction is as proven a writer as there is, so you have that. On top of that, art here is simply fantastic. This issue continues the greatness moving the story along in avenues that I can’t wait to watch unfold. I would highly recommend picking this book up each month, but I think waiting for a trade to read it makes more sense. Although it may be a slow burn, it is still fantastic.

Finally, we have my book of the week: Trillium #2. Read my review for details on why I love this book. For now, I just want to say this: buy it and read it. Don’t wait to read it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.


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