Superior Spider-Man #25 Review

3572927-25aThis week’s issue of Superior leaves a lot on the table as we see the conclusion of the Darkest Hours arc. And by now, you’re probably privy to the fact that Dan Slott has officially announced that Peter Parker will be returning. Still, that doesn’t leave us in a weird state of storytelling with this book. In fact, Superior Spider-Man #25 is as solid an issue as we have seen.

As mentioned, the Darkest Hours arc involves Ock Spidey being taken over by the Venom symbiote, which was previously under control by Flash Thompson. Needless to say, the Superior Venom is on a rampage big enough to garner the attention of Captain America and a full contingent of the Avengers. What we see from here on in is a no holds barred brawl between the very powerful Venom and the Avengers. This is about as action-packed an issue as we have seen in the series so far. Battle scenes involving Thor and Venom are the highlight here as even the God of Thunder himself seems to have met his match.

Meanwhile, the seeds of the upcoming goblin war are finally coming to a head as Osborn amasses his army while transforming Carlie Cooper into a monster.

There is a lot going on here, folks. And none of it ever seems too much to bear. Dan Slott and Christos Gage have done a wonderful job penning this large issue (which, in case you were wondering,  is $4.99). You will enjoy the moment to moment action that this issue brings to the table and by the end, you will be clamoring for more. Humberto Ramos’ pencils are on full display here with his wonderfully elongated torso art still intact. Hey, you’re either a Ramos fan or you’re not. If not, you need to re-evaluate things. This is a beautiful issue to look at. The way Humberto handles each sequence is utter brilliance.

With not much left to go in the Superior run of comics, we are being fed some of the best books this series has offered. To put it simply, I can’t wait to read more.

Score: 8.7

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