Daredevil #35 Review

3583216-35The end is nigh for this iteration of the Daredevil series. As we draw closer to the new #1 issue of Daredevil, we continue to see what is arguably the best book that Marvel is putting out there thrive in excellence.

This time, Mark Waid is joined yet again by the award winning artist, Chris Samnee. Throw in Javier Rodriguez on colors and you have an all-star team of creators on a book that is simply a must buy if you are even slightly into comics.

Mark Waid has put together some pretty epic story arcs within this series. The Sons of the Serpent arc is another storyline that has been intricately weaved to become yet another masterpiece in the making.

At a glimpse, what you get here is a classic comic book that seems to transcend time. If this is the first DD issue you have picked up, you will be thoroughly entertained from front to back. You would be satisfied with the story that was delivered and you will be satisfied with the requisite super hero fight sequences in the book. Mark Waid has a way of writing each issue in a digestible format. You could literally pick this issue up and not feel like you missed out on anything.

Digging deeper, if you have been along for the ride for a while, this is yet another chapter in a tale that is as intricate and intelligent as you could ask for. Many things in Matt Murdock’s life are coming to a head as the inevitable “soft relaunch” is just around the corner.

If you plan on picking up DD from that “relaunch”, I would highly suggest you start here as what is happening now does have a direct impact on the future of the series.

My advice? Read this book. You will be entertained. What more can you ask for?

Score: 8.9

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