The Pull – 11-19-14

sep140902The holidays are just around the corner and the weather sure is showing it. Let me tell you, there is nothing I am looking forward to more this holiday than to spend time with my family, eat some turkey, watch some football, read some great comic books, and play some amazing games. As far as gaming goes, so far I’ve picked up COD:AW, Halo MCC, and Dragon Age Inquisition while I plan on picking up Smash Bros for Wii U, GTA V for PS4, and Captain Toad. Dragon Age alone is going to take up more time than I can imagine. And who knows, I’m thinking of picking up Sunset Overdrive and Far Cry 4 as soon as they receive their post-XMAS price drop.

Gaming aside, I’d like to share my choice for last week’s book of the week. This has to go to none other than Dan Slott and Michael Alred’s Silver Surfer #7. With awesome books out that week such as Batman, Outcast, She-Hulk, and Wytches, I was amazed myself at how much I just enjoyed the hell out of Surfer. In fact, Surfer #6 last month was my book of the week too. See a pattern here? This is an amazing book that can’t be missed. It is fun, funny, and endearing. Pick this up and you will not be disappointed.

That aside, this looks to be another great week for me:

Injustice Gods among Us Year Three #4

Amazing Spider-Man #10

Avengers and X-Men Axis #6

Daredevil #10

Guardians of the Galaxy #21

Inhuman #8

Uncanny X-Men #28

With Daredevil and Injustice coming out  this week, that would be enough. But Spidey and Guardians coming out is just icing on the cake. Regarding Daredevil, you should know by now that Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Javier Rodriguez have been putting out arguably the best super hero book over the last few years. This is something that you don’t want to miss. As for Guardians, while Bendis’ run hasn’t been the endearing jewel that many critics wanted it to be, I for one am a fan. This is a fun space romp that does the team justice. Keep it up.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Let me know what you plan on reading in the comments. I’d love to hear.


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