The Pull – 11-6-13

300px-Mighty_Avengers_Vol_2_3_TextlessOddly light week for me:

Batman Superman #5

Superman Unchained #5

Swamp Thing #25

Trillium #4

Amazing X-Men #1

Mighty Avengers #3

Where the hell is The Walking Dead? Isn’t All Out War supposed to be releasing on a rapid schedule? Maybe that release schedule starts next week. Well, I’m not complaining, this is a lighter week than usual for me and with both the PS4 and the Xbox One coming out this month, I need to save as much money as possible.

Books I’m most looking forward to this week:

Trillium – This is an amazing little series with gorgeous art to boot. Don’t miss out here.

Swamp Thing: Yep. Battle of the avatars? I’m in.

Amazing X-Men #1 – New X-Series in an already amazing group of X-Books? Sign me up.

What are you reading this week?


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