Trillium #4 Review

TRILL_Cv4_qb4ryt1abz_Trillium #4 continues on with wonderful art and masterful storytelling. Our two protagonists, William and Nikia, are still trying to suss things out as they are trapped in between worlds that reach beyond  not only space, but time as well. The remaining human survivors of the future (about 1000 of them) are on a search for the plant, trillium which is the one and only cure that will save humanity from extinction. Fortunately they found an abundance of this plant on an alien planet inhabited by mysterious blue beings that seem to have a connection to isolated human tribes in the early 19th century. The ancient tribal pyramids on earth seem to be a portal into the future and into a different world in and of itself.

If this sounds crazy to you, it is. And it is amazing. The mind of Jeff Lemire is hard at work weaving together this intricate tale in ways that seem to transcend this medium. At this point, four issues in to this ten part series, it seems like we are reading a masterpiece in the making. This issue ratchets up the intensity on all fronts while introducing amazing new dynamics that are sure to be a major cornerstone to the story.

Again, collected, this series may turn out to be a must have. I’d be willing to make that call at this point only being four issues in but the more prudent thing to do is wait and see where we end up before you make that call yourself. In any case, if you can, pick up everything that this series has to offer so far and get caught up before next month. You won’t be disappointed.

 Score: 9.1

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