The Pull – 9-3-14

jul140634Here are the books I am most looking forward to reading for this short, Labor Day week:

Robocop #3

Death of Wolverine #1

Original Sin #8

She-Hulk #8

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #15

Uncanny X-Men #25

X-Men #15

Starting off, the newest iteration of Robocop hasn’t grabbed me as much as I would have hoped. Being a child of the eighties, Robocop was a movie that I was probably a little too young to have been allowed to watch. Still, the character and the world enthralled me. I was hooked for life. While this current run of Robocop is good, it just doesn’t grab me the same way that the first two movies did (yes, I like the second movie too). You can tell that both the author and the artist love the source material as they pay homage to it in many ways. Still, the book just doesn’t leave me with the same sense of enthrallment as the feature films. I’ll keep on reading with hopes that things pick up and make moves for the better.

One book that I didn’t originally plan on picking up is the Death of Wolverine. Leading up to this, I just didn’t feel like going through another super hero “death” event. Then it suddenly dawned on me that I just couldn’t miss what could potentially be a great story about one of my favorite comic protagonists. Let’s hope that the $4.99 price tag is worth the content we see inside. From what I am hearing already, there is more preview content in the book then there are pages of the main story…this may not be a good start.

Finally, I’d like to put my head down and begin to grieve the fact that one of my favorite series in recent memory is coming to an end. Sure, it was no surprise that Superior Foes was bound to end, we all saw it coming. With Superior Spider-Man ending earlier this year, I was surprised to see this series continue to the point we are at now. It is just a shame that more people didn’t jump on board to support this book, it turned out to be one of Marvel’s lowest selling monthly titles. Here’s to hoping that the series finds a resurgence post-mortem as I can see it becoming a cult classic. I won’t grieve too much, though, the book isn’t ending until issue #17.

Well, that’s all I have, folks. Let me know what you plan on reading this week in the comments!

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