Sniper Elite III: Afrika


Having played ‘Sniper Elite V2’ for quite a while and enjoying the stealthy nature of the European theater WWII, methodical, sniping gameplay; I was extremely excited for the third installment in the series – Sniper Elite III: Afrika. Playing as Karl Fairburne, navigating Africa, eliminating Axis troops and officers, even taking a shot at Hitler in the DLC: Hunt the Grey Wolf,  this Rebellion game keeps you on your toes. With game play pretty well open to the players own style and tactics (eg. stealthy and silent to run and gun) the expansive maps offer MANY hours of challenging play. Customize your load-out to suit your style with a variety of sniper rifles, secondary close quarters rifles, pistols, medical kits, and specialized items such as trip mines, land mines, anti-personnel mines, and armor piercing ammo.

There is so much going on in this game, it is worth a play through and purchase. The four different modes offer not only AI difficulty and damage changes, but the need for trajectory adjustment as well. Overcoming waves of enemy patrols, sun glare, thunderstorms that hinder your sight, all while using shadows, vegetation, and other concealment to place your crosshair on your foe, then waiting for audible cover like a plane flying over or faulty equipment around the map to mask your shot – takes time. However, the satisfaction of the long range hits on targets you can barely see, or the bullet tracking cut scenes when a particularly accurate shot hits its mark, is great. The slow-mo bullet damage shots show just what damage you’re doing with x-ray views of your bullet cracking bones, puncturing organs, or even busting the family jewels of the unsuspecting Nazi you targeted. So go out and rent or pick up a copy of Sniper Elite III: Afrika.

Score: 9.0

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