The Walking Dead #123 Review

walking-dead-123Warning: There may be spoilers…

There are many great things to say about the current All Out War arc, but if there is anything that I am most appreciative about, it is the current rapid release schedule. Being able to dive into each issue on an almost bi-weekly basis is a breath of fresh air for the series that will be sorely missed once this schedule is over.

Now that that’s behind us, let’s get to the meat of the story. This issue is jam packed with high intensity action, the kind of action that justifies this arc’s name. We are seeing all out war happen right in front of our eyes and the results are not pretty. Negan has finally had enough of Rick and has decided to take the battle full on into Rick’s camp yet again, but with more ferocity. Now equipped with sharp weapons coated with infested, rotting zombie guts, Negan’s gang is not only out to kill, they are out to wreak havoc on the minds of their enemy.

The battle scenes that ensue stand up as good as any in the series with Charlie Adlard and Stafano Gaudiano performing as great as ever. Just when you think that Rick has finally been cornered, we see him somehow find a way out of the mess that just came to his front door only to be subjected to another twist that leaves our protagonist in as much of a precarious position as you have ever seen him in.

Robert Kirkman is not scared to kill off characters. What you will see this issue may be the beginning of the end of an era for this book not much unlike what we saw around the centennial issue. What you will bear witness to here will leave you clamoring for more. To put it simply, I can not wait another two week s to see what happens! Moreover, I am starting to feel emotions about certain characters in this story that make me realize that what I am reading is simply amazing. Dwight, in particular, is a character that is easily hated, yet somehow or another you begin to empathize with him. And just as soon as you grow a liking towards him, he goes ahead and does things that simply make me mad. Meanwhile, we see an uprising in Negan’s home front coming to a boil while Negan has no clue. This, I predict, will ultimately become Negan’s downfall.  This is good reading.

We are now three-quarters of the way into All Out War and only have a bit left to go. So far, this run has been great and with this issue, we finally see things happen that are making this whole ride totally worth it.

Score: 9.1

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