Trees #8 Review

Trees_08-1Throughout the entirety of this series we have been introduced to so many different characters and have followed each throughout a good period of time amongst the Trees. We’ve grown to love some and maybe hate others. Both Warren Ellis and Jason Howard have done an amazing job in getting us invested in not only each of these characters, but the world in which they live. I have stated before that this series has been a simmering pot of water getting ready to boil, but not quite there yet. Well guess what, issue number eight is this series’ boiling point.

It seems as if this world is going to change as we see not only our humans mindlessly wiping out entire cities, but the ostensibly inert Trees begin to take action as well. Many characters in this story reach immensely pivotal points in their respective arcs as well. And while this is a quick read, it is a damned good one that does nothing but leave me yearning for next month’s issue.

Again, Jason Howard does a fantastic job of portraying each pivotal event in breathtaking glory. I couldn’t imagine these characters or this world being drawn in any other fashion.

This creative team has done it again. If you haven’t been reading this book, what are you waiting for?

Score: 9.4 

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