Trillium #3 Review

TRILL_Cv3_5r93f8kfby_Trillium is amazing in every sense of the word. The story that Jeff Lemire has woven continues to be both exhilarating and profound. From the painfully beautiful pencils to the washed out water color hues on the page, it is hard to find anything bad about this book except the fact that I have to wait to read the next issue.

In just two issues, Trillium already set the tone and story for us in a way that made me feel like I have known its universe for a long time. With this issue, we are taken to some pretty amazing and pretty twisted places.

Nika, our protagonist from the future ended up eating the trillium plant that thrives on the blue alien species’ planet. In a sort of psychedelic trip as a result of ingesting the plant, Nika passes out then wakes up only to find herself held prisoner by her fellow humans. The trillium plant is key to allowing the thinning human species to stay alive, and trillium is something these mystical blue aliens have in abundance. It seems as if the humans involved will stop at nothing to get the plant, even if that means they have to take it by force. Ironically, the blue aliens seem to be a peaceful race, however, the fact that the humans are willing to blindly take what they want by force in order ensure their species’ survival is pretty heavy.

Intertwined throughout the story is William coming to grips with what he saw in the temple while talking to his brother. In an odd but brilliant move, Lemire decides to print William’s segments upside down so you are forced to flip the book over for these segments. At first, this seems like a strange choice, but the book ultimately takes both sides of the story and combines them in one big splash page which results in pure beauty.

Again, I can’t say enough about how great this book is. At this point, it’s hard to find a better read out there than this. Definitely get on board this train while you still can.

Score: 9.9

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