Trillium #5 Review

TRILL_Cv5_pumf7shu25_Trillium is a bizarre, strange tale of two lost souls colliding together in a realm of twisted, mind-bending reality. And I can’t seem to get enough of it.

The more I read this book, the more I enjoy it. From the wonderfully abstract art to the mind-bending story, Jeff Lemire is putting together a book that is may ultimately be described as brilliant.

Upon the epic disaster placed among our protagonists last issue, they seemed to be thrown into a kind of altered reality where not only are their lives switched, but all sense of the worlds they inhabited have been drastically altered as well. Gone is William’s normal past which now inhabited by Nika and enter a different, altered reality where men are cannon-fodder in war while females are the commanding officers. I’m sure many welcome this status quo, I sure do.

Let’s get to the obvious thing that makes this issue unique: the mirrored top and bottom halves of each page. Sure, the first issue of the series introduced itself with the whole “read the first half of the book then flip it upside down and read the second half of the book” gimmick. Sure, it was a gimmick of sorts, but let’s be honest here, it not only worked, but it narratively made sense and came together in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. What we see this issue is the same as our two protagonist’s stories are confined to the top and bottom halves of the page. You read Nika’s story first, then flip the book upside down and read William’s. Does it work? Well, yes, and as a matter of fact, it makes perfect sense why this was done this way.

As I said, the more I read Trillium, the more I want of it. I simply can’t wait another month to see where things end up for our two leads.

Long story short, this is an amazing story that I am glad to read. Jeff Lemire is a proven story teller and artist and deserves your hard earned money if he keeps this up.

Score: 9.3

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