Uncanny X-Men #12 Review

detailThe Battle of the Atom story continues in this issue with Chris Bachelo back at pencils. The story thus far has been pretty great. Bendis continues to show us that he can pen quite the time paradox story with enough levity that only he can bring.

This installment of Battle of the Atom has a lot of standing around and talking in it. As a matter of fact, that is all it has. But luckily Bendis’ writing is more than enough to keep you interested in the story. And what an intriguing story this is. Both young Cyclops and Jean Grey are determined not to go back to their time and go as far as to head for the current Cyclops and his Uncanny X-Men for help. Even “Evil-Cyclops” has to struggle with his own emotions to figure out what exactly to do about this conundrum.

Meanwhile, the core X-Men along with Wolverine and the future X-Men (boy this gets confusing doesn’t it?) are battling amongst themselves over why they are chasing down Jean and Cyclops. The dialogue in each of these scenes is handled in typical Bendis fashion. Humor and levity pervade this issue while keeping the urgency and weight of the situation in perspective.

As mentioned, Bachelo’s return to pencils is much welcomed. After a rough few issues with Frazer Irving at the helm, I am more than happy to see Bachelo back on point, even if that means he doesn’t take ink and coloring duties. As a matter of fact, I would gladly take the glut of inkers featured on this issue over not having Bachelo on board. Marte Gracia’s colors are commendable as well. If they didn’t let you know in the credits, you would have thought that Bachelo was coloring the book himself.

Despite being a bunch of talk and no walk, this issue still finds a way to deliver. Obviously, this is a must read if you are reading this event. If you are not, then why are you even reading this?

Score: 8.5


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