Walking Dead #120 Review

nov130533“Negan is a psychopathic villain that stands in the pantheon of the greatest villains of all time”. That, my friend, is one big statement that I have no quarrels with saying. Robert Kirkman has somehow figured out a way to create an antagonist that not only is able to stand beside the legendary Governor, but somehow manages to leave him in his shadows.

For any doubters out there that questioned Robert Kirkman’s idea to release twelve issues around one arc involving one war, you have to find yourselves eating crow. This arc is epic, and the sixth chapter manages to continue to live up to everything that preceded it. The seeds were sewn long ago for this very war to happen, I’m talking a few years ago. It has all come to a head and it is wonderful to be able to finally be able to read it.

While not quite there with being one of the iconic issues out there due to some unexpected death, this issue gives us more of a glimpse into the twisted mind that is Negan. He is a guy that you love to hate but oddly find yourself kind of rooting for. This guy has more character to him than just about any character in the series to date and this issue reenforces that. The war is in full throttle here and you feel every moment of it as if you were there.

The art here is just as good as it has been since the All Out War arc began. Charlie Adlard continues to plow away with his now iconic style while Stefano Gaudiano does a commendable job on inks. I hope this art duo will be the status quo from here on out.

Just like last issue, if there is any negative it would have to be that I wish these books were a bit longer. The suspense at the close of each issue is too much, but hey, we can’t complain can we? In another couple weeks we get another one and that is a glorious thing.

Score: 8.7

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