Daredevil #32 Review

3394604-32aIt’s a bittersweet week for Daredevil fans. Apparently there are only four more issues to go before this iteration of Daredevil ends. Hearing about this is like a punch to the gut, especially after this month’s issue of DD was so freaking fantastic.

Again, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee share writing credits on the book. And again, they deliver what I consider the best pure superhero book on the shelves today. This issue of Daredevil reads like a classic film in the modern era. Waid and Samnee’s sense of pacing is top notch. In just one issue, you feel like you read an entire year’s worth. One minute you’re in New York watching Daredevil fight crooked cops. The next minute, you’re in what feels like a scene from A Few Good Men as Matt and Foggy are researching the Serpent’s origins. You then find yourself thrust down south watching Murdock in the bowels of a seemingly racist southern city that harkens back to scenes from Mississippi Burning. You finally end up in a cheesy but awesomely quirky 80’s monster flick watching DD fight a mummy, a werewolf, a frankenstein and other cliche’d Halloween classics only to be kicked in the gut again at the end of the book. All the while you never feel like it’s too much. And this is just scratching the surface of what is in this issue.

This book is a journey into what made Marvel so special in it’s early days. This book feels like it could have been written in the 1960’s or 1970’s. And it still would have been amazing back then. Samnee’s art harkens back to a bygone era pulp heroes on the corner newsstand. Simply everything about this issue is fantastic and amazing. Hell, we even see Dr.Strange in this book which is filled to the brim with brilliance. This issue is the reason I read comics.

Only four issues left and the book is still this amazing? Shame unless Marvel pulling an early April Fool’s joke. SHAME!

Score: 10.0

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