Satellite Sam #4 Review

satellite-samIf there is one word to describe this issue, it is meandering. We find ourselves going from one page to the next without true clarity as to what we are reading and why, which is unsettling to say the least because this series started off so strong.

I’ve said this before, the one thing about the book that has consistently been a negative is the way the book is lettered. Gone are the traditional word balloons. Instead, what we get is dialogue with either a white or black line pointing to the person who is speaking. This is really problematic as the book is in black and white.

One consistently positive thing about this series continues to be the brilliant art of Howard Chaykin. His throwback style fits the series as perfectly as you can ask. You can almost smell the cigar smoke on the book as you read it.

However great the art is, it can’t save it from a dialogue and pacing that is so abrupt and odd that it doesn’t seem like it’s Matt Fraction writing the book. Despite this enormous shortcoming, the book’s overall plot remains as interesting and intriguing as ever. I am still on board and want to know more about what is going to come of our cast.

Perhaps this is a book best read in trade format. At this point, only time will tell.

Score: 7.0

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