The Pull – 10-23-13

AUG130264Here is my pull for this week:

Injustice Gods Among Us #10

Larfleeze #4

Satellite Sam #4

Sex Criminals #2

Daredevil #32

Savage Wolverine #10

Superior Carnage #4

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #5

Wolverine and the X-Men #37

Matt Fraction overload, huh? Last week we had Hawkeye return and this week we see both Satellite Sam and Sex Criminals? Yes please. This guy is a star and justifiably so. If you haven’t been on board with either of his Image offerings, I suggest you do now before you get behind too far. Read them now, don’t wait for the trade.

Oh yeah, a new issue of Daredevil is out this week? Uh…..yeah? YES!! Man is this book awesome. I can’t wait to read it. The Waid/Samnee team is probably the best out there today alongside the Fraction/Aja team. Word of advice, if you haven’t been reading Daredevil, stop what you’re doing, purchase a subscription to Marvel Unlimited, find all the the Daredevil books there, and begin reading all of them on your iPad. It will be worth it. Sure, it takes six months before new books are introduced to the service, but it is still totally worth it.

I guess I’ll leave on a lower note, Superior Carnage. This is a book that I may not pick up and read. It has been horrible. For some reason, I feel like I should finish it out, but at the same time, it seems like a total waste of money. We’ll see on Wednesday.

So what are you reading this week?


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