Satellite Sam # 6 Review

satsam6-coverSatellite Sam is interesting to say the least. This is certainly not your normal comic book. And considering Matt Fraction’s light-hearted rise to fame with Hawkeye, you would never guess it was he who penned this book. What you get with Satellite Sam is something so off the wall from what you may be used to that it will be jarring.

All that aside, this is a mature book that begs to be re-read entirely to gain a good understanding of everything that is going on here. We are only six issues in and there is so much backstory and complicated plot points that you would almost be forced to re-read the last few issues to have a clue as to what the hell is going on here. And in a world where I am getting more and more used to rapid releasee schedules, the fact that this book comes out monthly makes it all the harder.

Reading this book takes concentration on many levels. I have mentioned this before; the book is presented in black and white and the dialogue balloons do not have boarders. This means that making out who exactly is talking is a chore and something that is almost more trouble than it’s worth. Secondly, Matt Fraction’s way of portraying dialogue in this book is almost too true to real life. I realize that what I just said may be blasphemy, but I find the conversational way the dialogue is presented is almost too conversational and in the moment. From my experiences, people don’t talk like this. It’s almost as if Fraction is overdoing the conversational tone in a way that makes it more unrealistic than the way things really are.

The story of the book is interesting once you manage to fight your way through the book. The dynamic between all of the cast has been slowly revealing itself and is beginning to get really exciting. Characters have completely changed due to the circumstances we see in previous issues. Michael White, our main protagonist dealing with his father’s death, is a completely different man. It’s fun to see how much everyone has evolved and that has me hooked.

If you’ve been reading this book from the beginning, you may already be hooked. If not, you would wait. There is no telling where this story will go and whether it will be worth your time. We could be reading a masterpiece in the making, or we could be reading the flop of the decade. Only time will tell.

Score: 7.7

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