The Walking Dead #122 Review

Walking-Dead-122-CoverNot much goes down in this issue of The Walking Dead as far as action goes. Still, this is as compelling a read as you will get out of the series.

While both sides of the war are licking their wounds and regrouping, we see more insight as to how both of our leaders, Rick and Negan, strategize on the best ways to end their war once and for all. Unfortunately for Rick, Negan has come to a very scary realization that employing the use of whatever bacteria or germs the walkers carry is a key advantage. The way Negan proposes doing this is diabolical. Going up in a fight against Negan’s forces, while already a scary proposition, has become even scarier.

Meanwhile, you can’t help but see what may ultimately become Negan’s downfall unravel before our very eyes. We all know that the iron-burned Dwight has already made a deal with Rick. Come to find out, Dwight isn’t the only soldier among Negan’s ranks that have become disenchanted with the man. The interesting thing here is the stark contrast and juxtaposition we see as Rick has not only become a leader that more and more people are following, but he is becoming beloved by them.  The people that stand behind Rick seem to do so out of loyalty and appreciation rather than the fear and uncertainty that Negan brings to the table.

All of this comes to a head this issue and ultimately leaves us in yet another cliffhanger that makes me glad that we only have to wait two weeks for the next chapter rather than a whole month.

The art in this issue is probably the strongest it has been in a while. With inking duties left to Stefano Gaudano, Charlie Adlard is at his best. This issue reminded me of how amazing this man can draw the undead and portray scenes that are so disgusting that I almost feel like vomiting by looking at the pictures. Well done.

While lacking in action, this issue is one of the high points of the All Out War arc.

Score: 9.0

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