Superior Spider-Man #20 Review

Superior_Spider-Man_Vol_1_20_TextlessTwenty issues in and in ten months, this series continues to fire on all cylinders. You want a Black Cat story? Well you get one…kind of…not really. But hey, Black Cat’s presence in this issue is startlingly funny, awkward, and damning all at the same time. This series is great.

Dan Slott seems to always find a way to jam pack a lot of content in his books that covers a lot of material while being completely lucid and coherent. This issue is more of that.. As I mentioned, Black Cat’s part of the story is more proof that Ock-Spidey is getting into trouble really quick. No matter where he goes, he is making new enemies with people he normally wouldn’t. This is definitely going to bite him in the behind. Especially when it comes to Parker trying to get his doctorate.

As you know, Ock-Spidey thinks he has everything under control as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. However, we all know this just isn’t the case. Behind his back, things are falling apart. Thinking he has his doctorate in the bag, he puts the financial savings of Aunt May, her husband, and Anna Marie on the line to get a business loan for a startup tech company dubbed “Parker Industries”. Well, it turns out that Otto Octavius is a brilliant man, so much so that his research of technology was enough to get him a PhD. The problem is, Peter Parker isn’t Otto Octavius. And that just screams plagiarism and that doesn’t get you the title of “Doctor”. He didn’t see that coming now did he?

Meanwhile,  Carlie Cooper finally has her evidence tying Spider-Man to Dr.Octopus’s accounts. And she is taking it straight to the already suspicious Avengers (as soon as they get back from saving the earth light years away I guess).

The art in this issue is noteworthy. Giuseppe Camuncoli’s pencils fit the tone of this issue perfectly. It is nice to know that this series has a nice stable of artists on board to cover the intense bi-weekly ship schedule.

With this issue behind us, I am more than ready to see what else is in store for our web-headed hero.

Score: 8.8

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