X-Men Battle of the Atom #2 Review

bota2Well, the end is here for Brian Michael Bendis’ Battle of the Atom. The story ended quite literally with a bang and with a final panel that is sure to make waves across the entire X-Universe.

This issue is a hell of a value if your’e looking for more pages for your money. Coming in over 30 pages while maintaining a $3.99 price tag was a pleasant surprise. I am disappointed, however, with the fact that Bendis didn’t pen the entire issue himself. Instead, we see several different writers (and artists) come on board throughout the book. While the change in writers didn’t quite affect the consistency of the book, the change in art styles, particularly towards the end, seemed jarring. Despite this flaw, each artist that was on this book was great in their own right.

As far as story goes, the issue delivered as much as you could expect. We see an epic final battle between the future’s mutant brotherhood and X-Men from all different times. S.H.I.E.L.D’s presence only made matters more interesting with their super secret anti-mutant artillery: Sentinels. As promised, we see some X-Men die, which may or may not be too emotional considering the fact that some of these X-Men were just introduced during this event.

As an ending to a great event, this book tied as many loose ends as it could while leaving room to spare for more story to come. If you were worried about how Bendis would end this event after the Age of Ultron debacle went down, you need not worry. In the end, we were treated to a great story with an ending that gets me excited to see where the other X-titles go, especially Uncanny X-Men

Score: 8.3

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