The Pull – 12-4-13

INHUMANITY2013001-DC11-LR-5c152Well, it seems like it’s been forever since my vacation. Nice to be back. Here is what I am looking forward to reading this week:

Swamp Thing #26

Trillium #5

Amazing X-Men #2

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

Inhumanity #1

Superior Spider-Man #23

Well, relatively light week this week which is good considering all the money I spent on next-gen (or is it current-gen now?). What is missing from my pull? Well, you won’t be seeing Batman Superman any more. To me, that book was completely hit or miss. At times, I thought it was brilliant while  at others I thought it was horrible. I couldn’t take it any more so I had to drop that as quick as I dropped The Movement. I also need to save some money so that works out nice, huh?

What do I look forward to reading most this week? You might think it is Superior Spidey or even Trillium considering the amount of praise I have given that book. Well, if that’s what you guessed, you are wrong, my friend. Swamp Thing is at the top of my read first pile. Charles Soule has been doing such a wonderful job with the series that I am actually enjoying it more than Scott Snyder’s run. Great job. Oh and the art? Friggin’ fantastic. Don’t miss it.

Let me know what your’e reading this week in the comments!

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