Trees #1 Review

d8c1053e9e5d11e3ad1e12ed570e9379_8_thumbThe premise of this book alone is enough to put its hooks in me. And the fact that Warren Ellis is involved is more than enough to make this a lock. Expectations for this book are high, and let me be the first to tell you, this book delivers.

Yes, the premise is amazing. Earth has been invaded by unfathomably¬†tall, cylindrical columns that have taken root all over the planet. Called “Trees”, these mysterious things do not even consider humankind to be intelligent life. To put it simply, the Trees are here and seem to be completely ignoring the fact that we are here. Fast forward ten years and that is where you will be brought on board this issue.

Apparently humankind has learned to live amongst the shadow of such an ominous presence. The story so far follows four different people from around the world, each showing a completely different perspective on how not only they themselves are dealing with this alien threat, but how uniquely each culture around the world is dealing with it. This is a really affective way of telling this story that oozes great story telling.

Oh and speaking of ooze, these aliens are a threat as we see in the opening pages. Apparently these Trees are not only impervious to human weaponry, they are apparently discharging a scary, green waste that is toxic enough to kill thousands of humans on contact.

Warren Ellis’s story telling is enough to sell me on a book, but couple that with Jason Howard’s fantastic art and what you have here is a masterpiece in the making. Howard’s amazing visuals are dark, gritty, and a perfect fit for the story.

To put it simply, Trees is amazing. This is a book that has its hooks in me from page number one and I can’t imaging that changing.

Score: 9.5

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