Comic Reviews 9-18-13

Savage_Wolverine_Vol_1_8_TextlessHere’s my reviews rundown for this week:

Batman 23.3 – 6.8

Swamp Thing 23.1 – 9.3

Daredevil #31 – 9.0

Infinity #3 – 8.6

Savage Wolverine #8 – 8.9

Superior Carnage #3 – 5.9

Superior Spider-Man #18 – 8.8

Superior Carnage #3 – 4.9

Uncanny X-Men #12 – 8.5

As you can see, this week turned out to be a great week for comics. Lots of great books to read with so little time. Here we go.

Starting things off DC, we look at Villains Month. I made the decision to only buy the books that I am currently reading for this special month despite being seduced by the covers of other books. I am glad I made that decision. From what I have read with Batman, I have just been completely underwhelmed. The Joker story was borderline laughable, the Mr.Freeze book was alright, and this week’s Penguin book was ok. I am finally seeing this whole thing for what it is; a cash grab. In the back of my mind I knew it was a cash grab, but I was completely optimistic and excited coming in. While I applaud the efforts of the writers on these one-shots, it is clear why the core writers are on these books and they are not. Which brings me to Swamp Thing.

I am going to get this out of the way now, Swamp Thing 23.1 is my book of the week. Charles Soule’s work here is easily his best since he has been on the book. Harkening back to the Alan Moore era, this issue hits all the right points. Oddly enough, it isn’t quite a one-shot while being one. I know that sounds weird, but the book fits in with the series’ current continuity extremely well and fleshes out its story fantastically. Speaking of fantastic, the art was just that. Buy this book and read it. It is Swamp Thing at its best, though ironically enough, Swamp Thing himself is scarce within this issue.

While we are on the subject of great books, we have Daredevil and Superior Spidey which both continue on their epic runs. As you know (and if not, shame on you), Daredevil is fantastic. Waid and Samnee continue to deliver what is easily the best superhero book on the stands. The day they leave the book is the day a little piece of my heart dies. And the latter, Superior Spidey was a huge turnaround from two weeks ago. With a duo like Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman on the book, we are lucky to have two of the best Spidey artists out there on what has already shaped up to be a seminal Spider-Man book.

With great writers on the mind, we have two that are completely delivering: Bendis and Hickman. The former continues his prolific pace with the fantastic Battle of the Atom arc while the latter’s Infinity story is epic in its own right. It is a great time to be a Marvel fan…

…except if you are reading Superior Carnage. This is a bad book. Don’t bother reading it. I have gone through the pain of doing so so you don’t have to. Avoid it.  I am glad its ending soon.

Finally, I will leave off with my man, Joe Madureira. His work on Savage Wolverine is amazing, spectacular, wonderful…I don’t care if you are a fan of this series or not, I highly advise you pick this issue up if not only for the art. Of the three issues that Mad has been on, this is easily his best.

That all said, I hope you enjoyed these reviews. This week was an epic week for me in many ways. First off, (I am a huge football fan) my Chiefs won this Sunday against the Cowboys. Cool right? Well later that night I had a fantastic episode of Breaking Bad to watch.  Monday Night Football was next. Tuesday? We had GTA V…and Sons of Anarchy. Wednesday, I saw iOS 7 drop along with all of these wonderful comic books; plus I had some more GTA V to play. Thursday? My Chiefs won again against the Eagles. That’s two wins this week. Friday I had more GTA V to play. Saturday I saw my Mizzou Tigers maul Indiana. And yes, more GTA V.

What a wonderful week.



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